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About ParaSport® Ontario

ParaSport® Ontario People

“ParaSport® Ontario supports all members of the disability community in finding their sport or activity of choice. There is a sport for everyBODY!”

James Murphy

ParaSport® Ontario Executive Director
Hi there, and welcome to ParaSport® Ontario! My name is James and I have a diverse background in sport and community partnerships, program leadership, and advocating for the benefits of physical activity and inclusion for everybody. As the Executive Director, I am passionate about finding a sport and active living opportunity for everyBODY.

As an organization we support members of the disability community in choosing their own parasport path. Even though it is individualized for each person, overall, the goals are the same - to increase physical activity participation, mental health, and quality of life for anyone with a disability.

ParaSport® Ontario is serious about getting you in the game, or back in the game, because parasports make fitness fun! There are plenty of parasports to try and we are here to get you started!

Our Staff

Jeff Tiessen

Managing Director, Special Projects
At one point in my life I didn't think that there was any sport for me, a kid without any hands. ParaSport® Ontario - which was Sport for Disabled Ontario at the time - found me, connected me with many parasports and a sports club, and supported me on my parasport path which ultimately guided me to the medal podium at three Paralympic Games. Choose your own parasport path. It's different for each one of us. But what is the same, is that physical activity is essential for all of us. We're here to help get you started!

Barbara Morrow

Office Manager
Barbara has been with ParaSport® Ontario for over 30 years, beginning when the organization was known as Sport for Disabled - Ontario. Her passion for sport began at a young age, participating in competitive and recreational sport. "Participating in sports contributes to a healthy and active lifestyle and is a great way to meet new people and establish life-long friendships."

Daniel Vieira

Community Events Manager
Hi, my name is Daniel Vieira, and I am the Community Events Manager with ParaSport® Ontario. Growing up, I always had a passion for sports and helping others, leading me to study Sports Management at Brock University. After completing my Bachelor of Sports Management, I went on to pursue my Master of Business Administration at Brock. My event experiences include working with the Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Hometown Hockey Events. I have also worked with marginalized communities through coordinating sport programming for people with disabilities in summer camps, teaching rugby to children on the Turks & Caicos Islands, as well as volunteer experiences with the Jays Care Foundation, the Brock Niagara Penguins and the Niagara Jr. Ice Dogs. I hope to use my passion and wealth of experience to increase access and participation in sport for people with disabilities.

ParaSport® Ontario Mission and Vision

Providing support to all members of the disability community – regardless of age or stage in life – to find, connect with, and participate in competitive and recreational sport programs and activities of their choice to enhance physical function and quality of life. Our Vision is to ensure that there is a sport or active living opportunity for everyBODY.


3701 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M1N 2G2

E-Mail & Office Hours

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Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM