ParaSport Ontario Sponsors

ParaSport Ontario appreciates the support from its sponsors. To join our family of corporate sponsors please contact us to learn more about how we can work together in providing parasport opportunities for all Ontarians with disabilities.

Caldwell Securities

At Caldwell, we believe preserving and growing your wealth is achieved through a personalized, customized and flexible plan defined by our heritage of fostering deep and enduring long-term partnerships with our clients supported by our successful track record and our experienced and sophisticated investment advice since 1980.

A Successful Track Record

As an employee-owned firm, we have been providing sophisticated and experienced investment and wealth management advice to individuals and corporations since 1980.

Client Focused

We get to know you, your financial goals and objectives, and in partnership with you develop a customized and flexible wealth management plan that meets your needs and risk profile today, and in the future. At Caldwell, our most important asset is our client, and we work hard to earn your confidence and your trust each and every day.

Innovative Thinking

We bring experienced thinking to help you build your wealth. To help achieve your long-term goals, we combine a value-driven, research-backed approach to investing with active risk management and a commitment to transparency and superior client service.


Caldwell Securities