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ParaSport Ontario’s Executive Director Honoured on the Red Carpet

Senator and Tiessen with award on red carpet

Congratulations to our Executive Director, Jeff Tiessen, as he received a medal for his contributions to Canada’s Paralympic movement. 

It was an exciting day on Parliament Hill this past week, when ParaSport Ontario’s own Jeff Tiessen was awarded a Senate 150th Anniversary Medal recognizing him for his dedication and hard work for our nation’s Paralympic movement. 

Senator and Paralympian Chantal Petitclerc proudly awarded ten medals to Canadians who are deeply involved in their communities and whose generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work make Canada a better place to live. 

Senator Petitclerc was honoured to acknowledge these trail blazers and made it her mission that they be recognized and applauded. “Thanks to people like them,” Petitclerc boasted, “Canada is a country where people with disabilities are citizens in their own right.” 

Tiessen, a double arm-amputee and three-time Parlympian and world record holder, is founder of Disability Today Publishing Group. As a magazine publisher his work focuses on providing individuals with disabilities with tools and ideas for healthy, active lifestyles. Not much different is his role as Executive Director of ParaSport Ontario, a new role that Tiessen has embraced and is committed to continue his personal and professional passion for positive change in the Paralympic movement.

Tiessen, a decorated journalist and inductee into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame, was in good company on the ‘red carpet’ as Chantal Benoit, Donald Royer, Duncan Campbell, Earl Church, Marc-Andre Fabien, Monique Lefebvre, Peter Eriksson, Rick Hansen and Robert Steadward were also awarded the Anniversary medal from Senator Petitclerc. 


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