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Un-fore-gettable Day


For Immediate Release

August 21, 2018


TORONTO — The inaugural Para Pro Am Golf Tournament, hosted by ParaSport® Ontario, welcomed over 225 golfers and guests, including PGA of Canada pros, ParaGolf Ontario golfers, celebrity golfers, members of the Federal Government, para athletes, Paralympians and other special guests.

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes presented an award from the House of Commons during the dinner portion of the evening, congratulating ParaSport Ontario for its “role in the development of athletes with disabilities in our province” and “continued support toward providing active living opportunities and commitment to the principle of inclusive sports.”

Honoured guest Khelyse Crowe-Kasule, 8, and her father Ivan shared some incredible moments together on the greens. It was the first time since her injury less than three months ago that she had met so many others with limb loss like herself. Crowe-Kasule was also in good company among 30 other youngsters with disabilities who all share a passion for sport, and played seven different parasport games throughout the day with ParaSport Ontario’s team of ambassadors. Crowe-Kasule was also presented with a special set of TaylorMade junior golf clubs and personal coaching from guest Todd Keirstead, world-class entertainer, trick-shot artist and adapted golf instructor.

There was much talk and enthusiasm throughout the day among sponsors, members of the parasport community and of course paragolfers themselves to see ParaGolf included in the 2024 Paralympic Games. Said Joe Millage, ParaSport Ontario Chair, “We are committed as an organization to take on that challenge to get paragolf on the Paralympic program.”

For more on the event watch the CTV Toronto coverage.


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