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Bratz@Home Boccia Kits

Bratz@Home Boccia Kits
The third edition of Bratz@Home kits returns with support from Jumpstart Community Development Grant
Through this program, 50 children, youth and adults under 25 years of age with disabilities across Canada will receive free boccia equipment and coaching support, to develop their boccia skills. The goal of the program is to encourage grassroots boccia development in Canada.

"Unfortunately, boccia equipment is not usually available locally and can be costly. It's also hard to learn a new sport without access to trained coaches. With the support of the Jumpstart Community Development Grant, we're able to remove those barriers," says Jennifer Larson, Boccia Canada Program Manager.

Geography is also taken into consideration when selecting recipients to ensure boccia development is being supported across Canada, and Larson couldn't be happier to see a new territory benefit from the program this year. "We are excited to receive three boccia kits for use in schools in Nunavut. Inclusion is an important aspect of our work in the schools, and boccia is a game that everyone can play, regardless of ability level. We hope this is just the beginning of a bright future for boccia in the region," said Carol Kehler, Physiotherapist from Ongomiizwin Health Services, Inuit Health Program/Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing. Boccia Canada thanks the Government of Nunavut for their support in translating the kit resource material into Inuktitut.

Each kit has a set of boccia balls, targets, cones, a hula hoop, a beach ball, a Bratz@Home activity manual, and Boccia Canada stickers. Recipients will also receive five, one-hour sessions of coaching either online or in person with a trained, National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) boccia coach.

This is the third iteration of the Bratz@Home boccia kit program, this time supported by the Jumpstart Community Development Fund. In January and August of 2021, 160 boccia equipment kits were delivered across Canada.

Boccia Canada will be working with the Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (OCPSA) to ship the kits to selected recipients.

Previous recipients of the boccia kits loved the opportunity to try the sport, where kits were shipped across Canada. For example, Mark Stockbrocks explained, "Our boccia kit has been put to good use playing with family and friends all over the place. It's been to Whistler, Kamloops and of course a few parks around Vancouver giving my friends and relatives a really fun time together outside."

Bratz@Home equipment kits are also available for purchase directly through the OCPSA webpage.

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