Wheelchair Tennis Clubs Map

Wheelchair Tennis

The two-bounce rule makes all the difference. Wheelchair tennis can be played anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It's one of the fastest-growing wheelchair sports and allows players who use a wheelchair to compete alongside able-bodied friends too. The wheelchair-using player returns the ball before it hits the ground a third time. The chair is considered to be part of the player's body so all rules apply the same.

There are no modifications to the court size, no adaptive equipment needed, just a racket, a ball, a partner and the will to play. For more, visit the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association.

Angus Glen Tennis Centre

3970 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Markham L6C 1P8

Mississauga Little Aces

884 Southdown Rd., Mississauga L5J 2Y4

Ottawa Para Racquet Sports

302-900 Dynes Rd., Ottawa K2C 3L6