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Play to Podium Fund

Play to Podium Fund Recipient

Play to Podium Fund Recipient
ParaSport® Ontario supports all members of the disability community in finding their sport or activity of choice. And that includes their equipment needs.
For some, the desire to play basketball comes with the need of a sports wheelchair. Playing hockey... a sled. Biking with friends... a handcycle. To sprint around the track... a racing wheelchair. Boccia... an adapted ramp. So let’s get them what they need!

That’s exactly what ParaSport Ontario’s PLAY TO PODIUM FUND is doing. Meet our most recent recipient of adaptive sports equipment from the Play to Podium Fund… Chase Flemming. “We skied as a family today and it was amazing,” Chase’s mom Susie wrote to tell us after receiving the Fund’s donation of an alpine bi-ski for her son. “Chase loved it. I can’t believe this will actually be a new regular family activity for us! We live seven minutes from Blue Mountain and hope to get out lots more! Chase and his brother Monte want to say a special thank you as well. They loved skiing together. Chase is so thrilled to be able to ski alongside his five-year-old brother!”

Chase was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy just before his second birthday. It is a progressive, muscle-deteriorating condition. He is now eight, in his childhood prime, and so happy! “My husband and I had a tearful little chat when I called him with the news,” Susie shared. “This gift is going to be very well loved. I am already connecting with sit-ski volunteers and instructors in the community. Thank you again.”

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